Dear Clients,

We thank you for staying with DatastiQ during the pandemic. Last March 2020, we have announced that we will extend the suspension dates to help you during these trying times. For more than a year, we are proud to say that we have helped our clients by shouldering the cloud web hosting operational cost and kept their websites online over the internet. This allowed you and your business to operate despite the difficulties brought by Covid-19.

Last November 2020, we have sent an email to all affected clients struggling with unsettled invoices and advised that the suspension of accounts will resume by December 15th. Our team noticed that COVID is not yet going away by the end of 2020, hence we decided to give more time and extend for another six months.

With the current situation including the vaccination efforts made by our government and in order for us to sustain our operations to continue our service to you, we have now resumed back to our normal billing operations as of today, June 4th, 2021. All invoices will receive three reminders and will be suspended on the 8th day. All data associated/stored within the suspended hosting account will be inaccessible and will be subjected to permanent deletion if billing is not settled accordingly.

We highly appreciate your cooperation as this will be a huge help for DatastiQ to continue operations and provide support to Filipino Entrepreneurs.


Thank you and Stay Safe!


Kind Regards,

DatastiQ Team

Friday, June 4, 2021

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