Most of our daily activities rely on the internet. Whether it’s for a cooking recipe for Adobo or a blueprint to conquer the world, there will definitely some guide out there posted on some website on the world wide web. But to start with, do we even know how those websites work?

If you are already surfing along the digital waves, you might already have an idea that each website is actually being stored and hosted somewhere. You might have also heard the term Cloud Web Hosting, but what does it really mean? Does it mean that whenever you browse the internet, your computer connects into a server that sits on top of the clouds?

To further understand it’s meaning, let’s look at the difference between Cloud and Traditional web hosting. Watch this video in Filipino-English to easily learn how it works.

For our example, your website files are stored in a server inside a data center in a different location. And then you and your customers or website visitors directly connect to it. This is called traditional or conventional web hosting.

And because there is only one source of data and connection, the server often slows and drops whenever there is a high volume of traffic.

Cloud Web Hosting, on the other hand, works differently. Instead of connecting directly, the main server makes a copy or cache of your web files and puts it on different remote servers also known as the Cloud Distribution Network (CDN).

When a user attempts to visit your website, the nearest server with a copy of your web files will host and provide the connection. Because of this, your customers’ transactions will be faster if your business uses cloud hosting.

In summary, below are the advantages of Cloud Web Hosting:

  • Fast Connection and Performance
  • Higher Uptime and availability
  • Safe from Server Hardware issues and breakdowns
  • Fast Provisioning and Propagation for updates and changes to your website.
  • Customer Geolocation Friendly, no matter where your customer is.
  • Security & Less Vulnerable to Hacking, as it passes through different servers for the connection.

If you are still under the traditional web hosting, we encourage you to switch to a cloud hosting plan that fits your needs to enjoy the advantages above. 

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